Local Housing Proposal

Brede Lane, Sedlescombe

Benefits of building houses

Housing is often seen as controversial and we understand the need to produce high quality design led schemes. As well as providing details of the design and masterplan we wanted to provide you with details of some of the community benefits to building houses.

Provision of land for new school playing fields

Sedlescombe C.E. Primary School use the village sports field. Unfortunately, the difficult access to the village sports field has limited the sporting opportunities for local school children. Our planning application would provide land to the school so that it can be used as playing fields for a variety of activities.

Upgrade of existing playareas and footpath

Financial contributions will be provided to Rother District Council in order to upgrade the existing play area to the south of the site. The scheme will also upgrade the footpath that leads to this play area so that it is more accessible to local residents.

Section 106

As part of the planning application we will be negotiating a Section 106 agreement with Rother District Council. This allows us to provide the council with funding that they can then decide how to use appropriately. It is our belief that our site provides a greater community benefit through the S106 than other potential sites in the area.

We are committed to entering into a Section 106 legal agreement to provide the following:

Affordable Homes

We want to provide seven affordable homes for local residents who cannot afford to buy a house on the private market. This could be the local nurse or other important service providers. The affordable houses will be sold on to the local housing association who will offer them as shared equity housing. The housing association will make the final decision on who gets the houses. We will however, reflect our desire as a local house-builder to see the houses allocated to local people.