Local Housing Proposal

Brede Lane, Sedlescombe

The Technical Bit

We appreciate that there has been a lot of information about potential new housing in the area. We wanted to provide you with our reasoning why we have brought forward a planning application for this site.

The need for housing

A large number of local planning authorities in England are currently going through a process of deciding how many houses are required in an area and where these houses should go. We have brought forward the application on the basis that as part of the draft Rother District Core Strategy proposals, Sedlescombe will have to accommodate at least 35 new homes.

To help decide where these houses are located Rother District Council has produced a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. In this document our site is one of three being identified as appropriate for development within Sedlescombe.

To help decide where the 35 new homes in Sedlescombe should go, Sedlescombe Parish Council is in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan. This site, along with others in and around the village has recently been subject to parish council consultation

Whilst it is unfortunate that the results of the parish consultation exercise show that this site is not their preferred option, it is our view that this is the best site in planning terms:

We do not believe that any other site identified by the parish council performs as well as this site in planning terms.

Furthermore, Rother District Council wrote to the Parish on 5th December 2013 telling them that the Brede Lane site has a high compliance with planning policy and can bring with it numerous benefits, unlike a number of the Parish preferred sites.  The District Council urged the Parish to reconsider the site for their Neighbourhood Plan on this basis.  You can download a copy of the letter here.

We believe our site has a strong technical argument to be developed and help meet the five year local housing supply.

It is our belief that at the moment Rother District Council does not have a five year housing supply and on this basis we believe the district and parish councils should consider this site positively. We have therefore submitted a planning application.